dear scrivener: i've come back. never leave me again.

Over the weekend, I moved the current draft of the faerie novel back into Scrivener. I loved Scrivener almost from the moment I first purchased it. The corkboard feature alone pretty much sells it for me, especially with my preference for writing without an outline, stopping half-way through in a panic because none of it […]

progress, albeit slow

Last night, I wrote the last words on the alpha draft of what I've been calling Clockmakers, the actual title of which turns out to be "The Miseducation of Mara Lys". Calling it an alpha draft is a bit generous, to be honest, but in the interests of having something pinned to the page which […]

it's alive!

Today delivered a lovely reminder that hey, there was this thing I used to have time for, called writing… My contributor copies of Cemetery Dance #71 arrived! And the internal artwork for my story, "Teratogen", is awesome: As soon as I put Squawk to bed tonight, I couldn't help but sit down and re-read my […]

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a working mum's week

Last week — because I've been down on myself for how little time I scrape together for writing — I decided to track where my time went. I didn't drill down deeply into anything, because an overview is all I wanted. And it's not something I'll be doing every week, because the law of diminishing […]

i had one job…

I had one goal for September (which, in my defence, I set with only 5 days of the month remaining), and that was to have an outline of the next novel. Usually I write manuscripts on the fly; I have a beginning, two or three turning or high points, maybe some other beats which need […]

writing fiction and the bullet journal method

A couple of months ago I took up bullet journalling because I need to plot by pen and paper, so I succumbed to the one notebook to rule them all. In my first month, I (re-)discovered that plotting a novel burns through notebooks, so last week I succumbed to my lifelong desire to indulge in […]

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toddlers and writing and making it work

I normally* get up at 5:30am so I can get 1-1.5 hours to myself purely for writing. *It invariably doesn't work out at all. Squawk will wake at the same time and set up such a hollering that no writing gets done; or she'll have woken up so many times overnight I'll sleep through my […]

on clawing my way back towards my words

I opened up my website this morning to blog about Varuna, and in my drafts folder I discovered a blog post about the process of trying to apply, not quite a whole year ago. So today I'm going to post that, and I'll update you on my actual experience at Varuna a little later. I'm […]