The ever-so-clever Rju has a post up about the momentum behind not writing: The hardest thing isn't to write – it's to keep writing. I'd quote more, but there isn't anything snippetable without stealing the entire passage. Suffice to say, that final Brood. Brood. Brood. made me want to both grind my teeth and laugh, […]

today i wrote yesterday's words. only different.

So it looks like the possum is not sick or injured. She's just decided the corner is a neato place and thanks very much. She seems to wander away for food and whatnot during the night and just wants to spend the days sleeping there. H'm. Better there than trying to get into the roofspace, […]

the daily grind

I've been pondering a lot lately about finding the right pace. I know writers who can churn out 3,000 words in an hour. I know other writers who take hours to produce that much — and yet they'll still have that, or a similarly high figure, as their daily target. I'm presuming that's partly a […]

ten ways to beat procrastination

I have finely honed procrastination skills, and they're pretty much always at the fore. Tricking myself out of procrastinating is an endless process which constantly requires new weapons in the arsenal. Any time one tactic stops working, it's time to bring in a different big gun. Off the top of my head, here's ten of […]

loss of dignity

Jane Espenson writes about removing dignity as a writing tactic: Loss of dignity is hilarious. …But the fact that something dignified is made laughable… well, we all know that that can be tragic, too. The kind of humor I've been talking about is just a few degrees skewed from poignancy, a point well understood by […]

time for a new plan

Today, I admitted defeat. I've been getting up at 5 a.m. to get an hour's writing in before the dayjob takes over. It's been working okay (when I'm disciplined enough not to check my email, that is), but it's been chilly enough that I've been working from bed to keep warm. This morning, however,1 it […]

hour upon hour of motivation fail

Today I mailed in my electoral enrolment details, officially changing my address to the state of Victoria. On Thursday I have an appointment to transfer my licence from a NSW one to a Victorian one, and to transfer the car's registration likewise. This is it, people: after Thursday it's official. This is no longer just […]

today i sat in a beanbag for 8 hours (it was the best day evah)

Today, determined to finish the first pass of edits on "Shaping Lily", I decided to track my progress throughout the day. In the interests of accountability, you understand. Read on at your own peril. You have been warned. 9:17: Realise I've been dicking around on the internet far too long already, mostly reading through 6 […]

mad concentration skills, i — ooh! shiny!

For the past couple of days, prompted by the fact that Glenda Larke is racing to write 30,000 words in 15 days, and finding it inspiring, I've been pondering all the ways we trick ourselves into writing, and staying focussed thereon. And I've come to the conclusion that lately, my bag o'tricks is empty and […]

we are ugly, but we have the music

I think my cup of tea is giving me hayfever. Can you develop a sudden and inexplicable allergy to tea? Oh farkit, if I'm now allergic to tea that's it, it's all over. Go on without me! I'm done for! Save yourselves! Ahem. I have been meaning to post for a couple of days now, […]