why, hello again, 5:55am.

At last, I've bowed to the inevitable and taken up writing in the mornings again. I've always written best(ish) in the mornings — by which I mean I like that I start the day knowing I have words on the manuscript, and I like that the manuscript gets first dibs on my attention. At that […]

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Blog Hop: My Writing Process

The indefatigable Ellen Gregory — who is currently writing a fantasy novel with a unique magic system; she's been telling me snippets of the world and the plot over our many cafe writing dates and I really cannot wait to read the finished product — has tagged me for a blog hop about writing process. […]

wherein our author finds inefficiency more efficient after all

Over the past few years, I've had a troubled relationship with my notebook. It's the double-handling. Writing by hand necessarily entails typing it all up; and I never have enough time to keep up with it; and it seems inefficient. So I've been chasing my tail, trying to set up computer-based systems to replace my […]

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a working mum's week

Last week — because I've been down on myself for how little time I scrape together for writing — I decided to track where my time went. I didn't drill down deeply into anything, because an overview is all I wanted. And it's not something I'll be doing every week, because the law of diminishing […]

still waters run deep and blank pages aren't necessarily empty

I've always kept a collection of short story ideas. For a few years now it's been in SimpleNote (so I can access it via my work computer or my phone when on the go; and my home computer has Notational Velocity set to communicate with SimpleNote and also to save its files in a spot […]