it's good to be king a slow loris

Today, I give you links that appeared back to back in my feed reader. May It Please The Court (link courtesy Leigh Dragoon) A rendition of "Stand By Me" by an international ensemble cast of street musicians: (link courtesy Ellen Datlow) (This video was so awesome I immediately looked up their other songs released through […]

remember what she does when you're asleep

Today, I practiced Not Wanting things. It worked really well — right up until lunch, when I decidedly did not want what I had brought, but equally did not want to shell out money for something else. QUANDARY. Apathy forced me to eat the lunch I had brought, albeit with much grumbling about the sub-par […]

don't leave your lies outside

I have no food in the house, and no clothes ironed ready for the dayjob tomorrow — but I have vanquished the civilisation which slyly staged a coup over my kitchen sink in my absence, and surely that counts for something. I have also spent the majority of my evening noodling through Helen Austin's youtube […]

awake: not a patch on asleep

So I told myself, when I finished the edits, I would not write a word, not a single word, before Saturday. Five days off. Obligatory and compulsory and well-deserved. But you know what my brain is? Contrary. Because I barely made it through two days before this girl spoke up inside my head with the […]

the zombie apocalypse: i'm ready

Yesterday involving some good news,1 last night required celebrating. Which is how I ended up at one of my favourite locals, a grungy pub with a grandiose name in direct contrast with the ubiquitous portraits of Arab sheiks and its decidedly less than grandiose couches and crazy wallpaper and praying mantis mural. So, naturally, because […]

but i guess they do that here, i dunno

The lovely Mek posted this yesterday, and I can't help but post it myself for those of you who read my journal but not hers, because I love me a bit of whimsy, and this sort of stuff makes me laugh out loud: In other news, I appear to have started yet another novel. Yes, […]