explore-blog: Two Guardian designers chart Hitchcock’s…

explore-blog: Two Guardian designers chart Hitchcock’s cinematic obsessions. The aesthetic is as much a homage to the great Saul Bass, who designed many of Hitchcock’s title sequences and the accompanying film posters.  Pair with this animated recipe for what makes a Hitchcock film. via deborahkalin.tumblr.com

August 23, 2013 at 05:20PM

      Red Panda is my totem animal (we’re both boofheaded creatures who really like to sleep…), and I’m thinking it might also be Squawk’s, because this is exactly what she does to my breakfast bowl every morning. via deborahkalin.tumblr.com

chasing zen

funnywildlife: Award Winning Garden Design By Ben Hoyle I want this garden. Except, without the mosquitoes it would inevitably breed. via deborahkalin.tumblr.com

via deborahkalin.tumblr.com

duhalar reindeer herders

anthrocology: Duhalar reindeer herders by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami The Duhalar reindeer people live in Hovsgol — the land of the blue lake — a territory of about 65,000 sq. km in Northwestern Mongolia bordering the tiny Russian Republic of Tuva. The Duhalar are the guardians of this hidden realm, patrolling a maze of evergreen forests and […]