it's the one book neither of us ever dare skip a page

One book before a nap (more correctly, these days, enforced alone time) and two books before bed. Plus whatever we happen to decide to read together throughout the span of any given day. Lately, I read out loud a lot, is what I'm saying. Inevitably I'll end up reading Squawk something I don't much enjoy. […]

"I broke it. 'cos that's why."

View this post on Instagram She's more sticky tape now than book… Squawk can get a little rough with her reading habits and because I love books I just can't bring myself to throw it out if it's still salvageable. This little frankenbook might be on its last life now, though. #toddlerlife A post shared […]

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toddlers and writing and making it work

I normally* get up at 5:30am so I can get 1-1.5 hours to myself purely for writing. *It invariably doesn't work out at all. Squawk will wake at the same time and set up such a hollering that no writing gets done; or she'll have woken up so many times overnight I'll sleep through my […]

i really do spend an inordinate amount of time counting

Squawk doesn't quite get Hide & Seek. Usually, she hides in the same spot used in the last round. If she does come up with her own, it's the cat tunnel. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's behind the door. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's behind the door. Where's Squawk…? Oh, she's in the cat tunnel. It gets […]

it was all downhill from there

Squawk likes Ai Weiwei's "Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn" but she wants to know why he used only black and grey and white Lego pieces.  Her first lesson that art lies in (and relies on) restraint.