mission: climb a mountain is GO. well, born.

This is a snap I took on Saturday, of the Australian landscape somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney rolling beneath the plane's wings, but it's a suitable enough backdrop to say it's official: I paid for my flights today. Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, I am on my way. (For those who've been already: what's unmissable? […]

everything is overdue

Somewhere along the way, it was forced to my attention that I'm leaving for Europe in two months' time. Well, at that point it was two months: it's now about six weeks. Do I have everything booked? No. Do I have anything booked? Well, sorta. A bit. I'm also due to depart for the US […]

truly, slovenia had a plethora of (teeny) spiders

While we were in Slovenia, we stayed in Ċ kofja Loka. The place sported more cafes than I could count — but they only served coffee and cake, or ice cream, occasionally both. For food, we had to visit the exactly one restaurant in town, which served pizza or pasta. Getting to the restaurant, which was […]