a force of nature! and digitised crows!

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It's officially official: Cherry Crow Children is now available as an ebook! It should be obtainable through your ebook retailer/distributor of choice in the coming few days, or however long it takes said retailer/distributor to authorise their new content, and of course through the TPP website — so if you've been waiting and waiting for […]

first they came

Quietly, Gently, Quietly

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The last week has been somewhat of the hard-slog variety, for a variety of baby-related reasons. Or rather, for a variety of baby-modified reasons. Heat waves aren't fun at the best of times, especially when you don't have air conditioning (and our place doesn't even have access to the cooling southerly breezes) — but when […]


i'm not afraid of a little chemical reset

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My circadian rhythms responded to Tuesday's punishment by waking me up at 5:29 both yesterday and this morning. Oh, circadian rhythms, this means war, and you're going down. (At least no one has greeted me this morning at work with a horrified expression and the diffident, "Are you OK? Do you need to go home?" […]