it's just a loose connection

Six months later, I can't tell what I wrote on a good or bad day. What seems to be true is the juices are always there. We lose our connection to them. Michael Cunningham That would be the quote which met me when I logged in to the site. Synchronicity is a very strange thing, […]


The ever-so-clever Rju has a post up about the momentum behind not writing: The hardest thing isn't to write – it's to keep writing. I'd quote more, but there isn't anything snippetable without stealing the entire passage. Suffice to say, that final Brood. Brood. Brood. made me want to both grind my teeth and laugh, […]

ten ways to beat procrastination

I have finely honed procrastination skills, and they're pretty much always at the fore. Tricking myself out of procrastinating is an endless process which constantly requires new weapons in the arsenal. Any time one tactic stops working, it's time to bring in a different big gun. Off the top of my head, here's ten of […]

loss of dignity

Jane Espenson writes about removing dignity as a writing tactic: Loss of dignity is hilarious. …But the fact that something dignified is made laughable… well, we all know that that can be tragic, too. The kind of humor I've been talking about is just a few degrees skewed from poignancy, a point well understood by […]

i take comfort from humour. and truth.

Everyone I know flails around, kvetching and growing despondent, on the way to finding a plot and structure that work. You are welcome to join the club. — Anne Lamott, "Bird by Bird"

synchronicity, part the… i've lost count

The quote which met me when I logged in today: I always work intuitively without much knowledge of where I'm going. I find that if I insist too strongly from the outset it won't take on the life that a novel needs to have. I find that by writing in the dark and coming up […]


Dear members of the public: There are a range of emotional responses when dealing with the walking wounded public service staff. You can be anything from friendly, to civil, to inattentive, to dismissive, to cantankerous, to downright rude.1 Friendly is always good, and you can't fail with friendly. But if you're feeling low and can't […]

cutting to the bone, and the cleaning lady

In a comment to my last post, Liz pointed out a couple of fantastic articles. One is Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier, who are the writers in residence on Inside A Dog at the moment, talking about writing together, and cutting close enough to the bone: It helps a ton to have another writer in […]

the corollary isn't actually true

View this post on Instagram Had a nagging feeling something was wrong as I inked this week's focal quote into my journal – I've only gone and written it backwards. Since I'm not re-drawing the page over it, I guess this week is going to be a lesson in letting go of perfectionism (and a […]