ah. yes. sorry 'bout that.

Proofreading: the process perhaps best described as "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

we're living with the lost and found

Today featured a walk to the local park, where we did not find koalas, but we did find roosters. Very well-fed glossy roosters who declined to spend any time eating our bread. We also found the playground infested with other people's children, which was mostly okay except for the little girl who kept telling us […]

the road holds great danger

The coloured tags mark out the pages which were too tricksome to fix on the first pass. Tricksome could mean the fix involved multiple pages, or finding a more elegant phrase which refused to come to mind at the time, or even that the fix simply required more from me than inserting a missed comma […]

sometimes i find myself alone at night

The proofread is done, long live the proofread. Technically I shouldn't celebrate quite yet, since my editor hasn't told me there's nothing else I need to look at and please send it all back now, but that stack of tagged and tricksome pages has been systematically slashed through with red pen and denuded of tags, […]

it's the end of the world as we know it

My editor sent back the proofs with a few queries and additional suggested changes, so I spent yesterday slicing and dicing words and chapters. Some I've-lost-count-pages later, it is done and all the chapters are of much less variable proportions. Subconsciously I must have known what I was doing, since I didn't have to chop […]

and they're all (well, mostly all) cousins

The proofs for Shadow Bound landed today. The fourteen-day forecast is therefore for sudden squalls of insanity, the occasional seagull impersonation, an inability to discuss any topic that does not immediately relate to (for example) the placement of commas, and a general air of abstraction and sleeplessness. Although, the proof reader has won my undying […]

seagull singing status: not yet

So far, the proofs have taught me three things (or at least, three things which come immediately to mind). First, a "brace" is a pair of something. Did you all know this? I did not. I was in fact under the impression that it denoted decidedly more than two. Dear proof-reader, thank you for questioning. […]

pretty sure the stuff in my kitchen sink has achieved sentience

Deb vs Proofs, so far: One (1) paper cut gash, to Deb's right index finger  Several (5+) stubs to Deb's big right toe, because she keeps catching it on the chair or the corner of the desk when turning to check something on one of the stacks of paper on the floor  Three (3) separate […]

bye, little book

This afternoon, I lugged to the post office a ream of paper otherwise known as the proofs of Shadow Bound, and sent them on their merry way to Allen & Unwin. The proofs are dead, long live the proofs! It's actually kinda sad, in a way, because this is the last I'll see of this […]

2014 aurealis award shortlist, featuring … me!

…AKA well, would you look at that… Turns out "Teratogen" earned itself a spot on the Aurealis Awards shortlist for 2014, in the category of Best Fantasy Short Story! It's an amazing shortlist, and I'm chuffed beyond measure to have written something people consider worth mentioning in the same breath as any one of the […]