that's not a storm — this is a storm

Well. That was a fizzle.1 We didn't even lose power. You call that a storm? Look, unless there's a coal tanker on your beach, it wasn't a storm. [poll=1] Er, except for the people south of Sydney. I expect they will disagree with me. But for my local purposes… yeah, a fizzle. [↩]

you tell me

I found a new poll plugin last night, and this one means I can have ticky boxes in my polls. Unfortunately, it does not display the poll in the feeds: it just has a bland little text message directing readers back to the site. Which is better than a blank nothing, but it's still not […]

me, i must like it or something

As is perhaps natural enough in all those who chose to pursue something artistic, I have at various times given serious thought to money. How much of it I have (never enough), how much more of it I'd like, how much I need to survive without subsisting on cat food, now and in the future… […]

yes, this is how i spend my creative energy – what of it?

We interrupt our normal blog practices to briefly toot my own horn: this GoodReads review popped up in my browsing this morning, and I can't decide what I love more: the shelves she's chosen (books worth your time! kick ass heroines!) or that she's read the book twice in the space of two weeks. It's […]