330k words and still the woman is silent. Characters!

Today's walk home brought me rain (and therefore a fetching dampened-rat hairstyle), and the opening and closing lines of a new novel. Which are perfect. (Which is not to say they won't change, although I do have a feeling they'll only be edited for precision/word choice, but more to say that it opens and closes […]

wherein our author finds inefficiency more efficient after all

Over the past few years, I've had a troubled relationship with my notebook. It's the double-handling. Writing by hand necessarily entails typing it all up; and I never have enough time to keep up with it; and it seems inefficient. So I've been chasing my tail, trying to set up computer-based systems to replace my […]

i had one job…

I had one goal for September (which, in my defence, I set with only 5 days of the month remaining), and that was to have an outline of the next novel. Usually I write manuscripts on the fly; I have a beginning, two or three turning or high points, maybe some other beats which need […]

still waters run deep and blank pages aren't necessarily empty

I've always kept a collection of short story ideas. For a few years now it's been in SimpleNote (so I can access it via my work computer or my phone when on the go; and my home computer has Notational Velocity set to communicate with SimpleNote and also to save its files in a spot […]

writing fiction and the bullet journal method

A couple of months ago I took up bullet journalling because I need to plot by pen and paper, so I succumbed to the one notebook to rule them all. In my first month, I (re-)discovered that plotting a novel burns through notebooks, so last week I succumbed to my lifelong desire to indulge in […]