sometimes i find myself alone at night

The proofread is done, long live the proofread. Technically I shouldn't celebrate quite yet, since my editor hasn't told me there's nothing else I need to look at and please send it all back now, but that stack of tagged and tricksome pages has been systematically slashed through with red pen and denuded of tags, […]

probably today is not that day

Those of you who keep an eye on my profile might have noticed (probably with alarm) that my latest iPod scrobble resulted in no less than 4 pages worth of Decemberists songs being added to my list of recently listened tracks. That's a whole lot of Decemberists, and it's because the current short story […]

cherry crow children, the playlist

Having finished the cherry crow children story (for certain values of finished), I find myself unable to concentrate particularly well. Coherency is not my strong point right now. It's taken me the last three days to pack, in fits and starts and indecisions, for our overnight stay in Sydney this weekend. So in lieu of […]