the leopard approacheth…

The reformat has hit a snag. Of the "machine won't boot at all any more" variety. Er…oops? It was all going so well, until I made the apparently foolish mistake of updating the system drivers, as microsoft requested. I should have known better, eh? I didn't realise it was possible to achieve the blue screen […]


I am typing this post on a brand new, shiny MacBook. I won't trouble you all with a photo (mainly because, um, I haven't dug the camera cord out of the old PC yet), but suffice to say, oh, my, she is pretty. So very, very pretty. A long time ago, when my brother first […]

spawn has a kiwi accent

There's a possibility I might emerge, if not unscathed, at least relatively intact, from the operating-system-switch. Excel proved very traumatic, as the Mac version tries valiantly but in vain to open the files I created in Windows. I use Excel all the time to track manuscript changes, revisions, word/page counts per scene, character placement and […]

the switch, extended

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't bore you all with details of the switch from pc to mac, but secretly, I know you're dying to know whether I've lost all my teeth from frustration. Surprisingly…not. In fact, I think I might even be smitten. There have been problems, naturally. Excel is not exactly […]

moving, precious, we does not like it

Pray for me, Internets, for I have discovered the wonders of Delicious Library 2. Seriously, it's software like this that makes me delirious to own a Mac. Using the MacBook's inbuilt iSight camera and this software, I have catalogued some 200+ books, some 300+ CDs, and about 100 DVDs. All in the space of a […]

got my fever down

Yesterday, I popped in to a pre-auction inspection. As if I have the money to buy property!1 As if I have the money to buy this particular property! As if I could ever have the know-how to make a bid at an auction or negotiate the tangled thicket that is the purchasing of property — […]