one day more

I cannot concentrate today. If someone were to barge in, place a shotgun to my temple and shout, "Quick, what's the square root of one?" I doubt I'd be able to find an answer. (Well, sure, yes, the shotgun might make me wibble at the best of times. But hush in the galleries, would you? […]

1 February 2007

New Words: 547 / 640 (Dead Queen, The Forgotten) Revised Words: 794 / 830 (Dead Queen) Four hours after the ophthalmologist used his tricksy drops, and I still cannot focus to save my life. I tried to take a photo of my eye, because hey, who doesn't want to see my eye so dilated there […]

2 February 2007

New Words: 793 / 900 (Away) Revised Words: 819 / 930 (Dead Queen) I did not start a new novel today. Nuh-uh. I would not do that before I'd finished revising the last one. *angelic look* In other news, there is a nerve which runs through the inside of my elbow. This is not groundbreaking […]

the mri

So, as it turns out, I have a brain after all.1 Proof! Evidence! Personally, I'm quite fond of my brain. It fills all of my head, and seems to me that's a good characteristic of a brain. Good enough for me, anyway. For you lucky folks playing along at home, I've even uploaded an image. […]

officially "normal"

Manuscript comment du jour: I'm always letting my characters say everything that pops into their heads. They're far too fucking honest with each other. Always. Le Sigh. Maybe I'm just not a subtle writer. The MRI report is in: my brain is officially normal. (Again, we are only investigating the tissue itself. Normality and functionality […]