and now for something completely different random

Phrases heard this week which make excellent catch-cries: Goodbye, trolley people! I caught this one on TV last night. Flicking through the channels landed me on a movie with Julie Andrews playing a Queen. Don't know why the Queen was standing in the middle of an American street with a stopped tram, but this was […]


Overheard at work today: Patient's mother: Is it…? It's raining. Patient's father: No, I don't think so. Patient's mother, standing and wandering to the window: Oh. No, it isn't. Funny, I thought it was. (Pause) Patient's mother: There must be moisture in the air. That I can see. Me: 😐

all told, she's a considerate fallen god

Squawk sings — constantly, about whatever she last overheard, or whatever stray thought passes through her head, or who knows where she gets her inspiration. I don't. This morning… this morning I overheard her crooning a dirge to Ani about hairballs.