the burning lake

If you peer into the burning lake, you may be able to see the pinnacle of the drowned temple, which is what you see the tour guide and driver doing here: I can't put my finger on precisely why, but I absolutely love this picture. Spent today attempting to knock out something approaching an outline […]

nose to the grindstone

Pledged is duly rechapterised, and I'm celebrating by … starting another project straight away. Yeah, it's not particularly smart, there's this little thing called downtime which I hear is really effective in guarding against burnout… but this project (untitled, like all my new projects, which makes blogging about them tricksome at best) is a short […]

i bet i'll give up before it's written

In a move that surprises absolutely no one but me, I have come to a decision: outlines are not my style. Seriously, now, stop laughing. I would love to be one of those writers who outlines; it seems ever so much more efficient and streamlined a process than my own, which is to know a […]

outlining, damselfly-style. (with footnotes.)

I don't talk about my writing process overly much, or with a great deal of specificity when I do — mainly because every time I contemplate the topic, I always trip over the "what (barely, if at all) works for me won't necessarily work for anyone else" hurdle; and if I manage to make it […]

we are ugly, but we have the music

I think my cup of tea is giving me hayfever. Can you develop a sudden and inexplicable allergy to tea? Oh farkit, if I'm now allergic to tea that's it, it's all over. Go on without me! I'm done for! Save yourselves! Ahem. I have been meaning to post for a couple of days now, […]

writing is such a chaotic sport

Justine Musk (who always has amazingly clever things to say on the topic of wordsmithery) talks about outlining, and why outlines change: This is what took me way too long (and three published novels) to figure out about plot: Plot is a process. …the outline informs the novel but the growing novel also informs the […]

330k words and still the woman is silent. Characters!

Today's walk home brought me rain (and therefore a fetching dampened-rat hairstyle), and the opening and closing lines of a new novel. Which are perfect. (Which is not to say they won't change, although I do have a feeling they'll only be edited for precision/word choice, but more to say that it opens and closes […]

here we go again

Out with the old, in with the new: after taking about a week "off", it's been back into writing stories, this time the Clockmakers story. And of course I wasn't really taking time off. I was instead taking some time up front to make sure I knew the end of the story, the point toward […]