and darling, we go a-drowning…

Astute observers will notice I disappeared for a day or two there. Sorry 'bout that. Sick. Better now (at last!), or at least better enough to function. This of course leaves me decades behind in writing, and facing a rather grim day in terms of getting back into the flow of the novel. I find […]

apropos of nothing…

Rage just started playing Creedance Clearwater Revival's Looking Out My Back Door. This makes me ludicrously cheerful.

i coulda been someone…

Today, I was supposed to meet a friend and traipse through a local reserve (which, despite the fact that the track leads past a sewage treatment station, really is quite a nice walk — and hey, I was an engineer, sewage treatment stations are kinda interesting, if you ask me). The world, however, has other […]

cause the dark is everywhere and penny doesn’t seem to care

This morning, after owning an iPod for I've lost count of the years, I finally broke and did the unthinkable: I purchased a song direct from iTunes. I have nothing against purchasing songs from iTunes, or purchasing an electronic copy from anywhere for that matter — it's just that I prefer to have a CD […]

reality check: normal.

I'm currently reading H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, and it's quite unsettling. Not because of the storyline, or the ideas behind the storyline. No, it's unsettling because, whenever I come across a line lifted wholesale from the book into Jeff Wayne's musical version, I can hear the narrator's voice echoing in my memory […]

music wordle

Because clearly this was the most important thing I could choose to spend my time on this morning. The artists in my music library, turned into a Wordle:

sometimes i find myself alone at night

The proofread is done, long live the proofread. Technically I shouldn't celebrate quite yet, since my editor hasn't told me there's nothing else I need to look at and please send it all back now, but that stack of tagged and tricksome pages has been systematically slashed through with red pen and denuded of tags, […]

and to top it off, it's cicada season

I'm nose-deep in the final stretch of the current round of edits1 on Pledged, and it's a good thing that my A&U sent me my author's copies of Shdadow Queen because I kid you not, I can't remember the story. Oh, I know the gist, but the details, the details are killing me. I have […]

we are people people

The past couple of days have been full of necessary, but non-writing, errands. No fun, no fair. I did do a couple of interviews, which I'll be sure to link to if and when they appear online. In far more fun news, I very belatedly bring to your attention the new People People song, now […]

the people people

The People People, featuring my clarion south dorm-mate Evan Dean, have recently released their debut album. If you want a sample of their music (which entertained us all through the clarion camp), you can download a couple of their songs from their website, or a couple of different songs from the JJJ Unearthed website. If […]