melbourne: the duration

Rufus: Unless you have already fallen under the power of Rufus, you will not understand THE AWESOME of this concert. I will content myself with the comment that watching grown men in dinner suits leaping and prancing and tumbling about the stage like sprained acrobats, or truckies given their first taste of choreography, while Rufus […]

i coulda been someone…

Today, I was supposed to meet a friend and traipse through a local reserve (which, despite the fact that the track leads past a sewage treatment station, really is quite a nice walk — and hey, I was an engineer, sewage treatment stations are kinda interesting, if you ask me). The world, however, has other […]

we're living with the lost and found

Today featured a walk to the local park, where we did not find koalas, but we did find roosters. Very well-fed glossy roosters who declined to spend any time eating our bread. We also found the playground infested with other people's children, which was mostly okay except for the little girl who kept telling us […]