wordy rice!

Test your vocabulary, feed hungry people. What's not to get addicted to love about that?

there's a purr of a pigeon to break the still of day

Another storm, another blackout. I swear, I must live connected to the worst exchange of the worst substation in town. For srs. Other places have trees and possums and yet manage to go entire years without blackouts. Me? If I don't lose power once a month, I may start to believe the whole of Australia […]

story love

Over at The Town Drunk, you'll find our January 2008 issue is live, and this one contains a story I have been keen to see hit the aether ever since I found it tucked away in our slushpile: Panko, by Zdravka Evtimova. “Come quickly, you sleeping saucepan!” Dara called me on my mobile once again. […]

ay to the effin' men

As the inimitable dooce says: I guess I have to finish writing it first, and I didn't know this, but the hardest part about writing a book is ALL THOSE WORDS. The easiest part is ALL THAT DRINKING.

precision. it's important.

It can be difficult to find a blog post topic when drowning in revisions. For example, the highlight of my recent days (so far as writing goes) is discovering that my character apparently, allegedly, according to what I wrote in the first draft, recovered his posie. 😕 I'm guessing I meant poise, because soldier-types aren't […]

there may still be some gaps in transmission…

New passport, iPod battery backup pack, jabs for typhoid and tetanus booster (ouch, ouch), spare memory card for the camera… all check. This travelling business is expensive, and it ain't just the airfares. It's like a month-long shopping fest beforehand, and I can't tell you how much I hate shopping. So far I've managed most […]

save the night for weeping

I'm feeling just the slightest bit melancholy tonight. I suspect this is in large part due to the fact that, for the last four days, I have not been able to take a shower without strapping a plastic bag over my face, and let me tell you, that novelty wears off sharpish. So, to continue […]

you've chased the sun around the cote d'azur

This evening I made it home, fired up with the energy that a brisk walk in the chilly drizzle will give you, ready to launch into my daily wordcount, ready to catch up on all the useless stupid little errands that conspire to eat all my available time… and then I read about the girl […]

i coulda been someone…

Today, I was supposed to meet a friend and traipse through a local reserve (which, despite the fact that the track leads past a sewage treatment station, really is quite a nice walk — and hey, I was an engineer, sewage treatment stations are kinda interesting, if you ask me). The world, however, has other […]

friday pitch

Heidi Kneale reports on Allen & Unwin editor Louise Thurtell's Friday Pitch.