watch out, clarion's about

The Voyager Online blog is running a feature on Clarion South at the moment. For those who don't know about Clarion, it's known as boot-camp for speculative fiction writers1. There's East2 and West in the United States, and South in Australia. Ahead of the January 09 class, Voyager Online has interviewed past tutors and students, […]

living in a hotel would be kinda cool

Dear Melbourne: Just stop it. Seriously. I am moving here, in fact I've now officially arrived, so you can stop all the attempts to tear yourself off the face of the earth in order to avoid me, and just settle down already. I realise that my bad luck field might make you anxious, but we're […]

the real marvel? no sunburn!

Briefly first (so I cannot be accused of being entirely neglectful (only mildly so)), there is a quick interview with me as part of the Snapshots 2010 on Rachel Holkner's blog. (One day, I will learn how to segue gracefully even when too tired to do so. This is not that day.) Yesterday, my car […]

tell the rambler, the gambler, the back-biter

I have been the slightest bit remiss, of late, in my authorly duties. Or rather in broadcasting to you all just how my authorly duties have been carrying on while I wasn't watching. (Damn things require careful supervision, or they start nesting in the corners. You know how it is.) So! First up, a little […]

two months down? already?

I'm behind in my blogging (as usual), and partly that's because I'm this close to wrapping up the thorn girls short story. I am tempted to indulge in the cliche so close I can taste it, but really that would only be attractive if finishing were, say, a peanut butter sandwich. With fresh white bread. […]

we interrupt this silence for a brief message

I read somewhere once that it was terribly poor form to start a blog post with an apology for the silence. Now, whenever I feel I've let one too many days slip by without blogging, I'm paralysed for how to start, since apparently I can't start with an apology. On such quibbling social anxieties my […]

wherein i share why i can't use 'amongst' without crippling fear

Gillian Polack is running a series of guest posts in honour of Women's History Month, and as of today my contribution is up. Given the majority of my professional colleagues are Australian women authors, the brief for this blog post seemed impossible. How could I possibly pick just one? So I decided to be a […]

New Interview: Galactic Chat

Hola! I am lifting my head from the morass of editing this one story I never want to see again1 and drafting this other story I don't want to have to write2 to tell those who find such things interesting that there's a new interview of me up online. This one is a little different, […]

wordy does not even begin to describe it

It's all systems panic over this way, as I desperately try to pack up a toddler and a cat for their impending trips, one to Swancon and one to a much-needed rest at the cattery.[note]She comes home from her cattery stays reeking, for four or more days, of at least five different perfumes. I'm guessing […]