here away with the view of mountains

staring at the floor for hours on end… Hello! A quick update from work, where they have power and therefore the interwebs. For those of you in and out of Aus worrying about my fate, all is well. There's a tree down on the pool (thankfully it only clipped the house on the way down; […]

we need lies to make it through the day

I have power! Oh, sweet electricity, how I missed you! Hot showers, how I missed you! On a sadder note, I still have no internets. To celebrate the return of power, I promptly went and ordered a copy of The Perishers' "Let There Be Morning", which I can highly recommend. I also bit the bullet […]

i has intarwebs!

Or at least, I have the phone line and the power and the wireless network up and running. The net itself is a little sketchier. And, here's the fun news: the stormwater drains are filling again. More heavy rains and storm-force winds are on the way. One local radio station has even claimed gale-force winds. […]

that's not a storm — this is a storm

Well. That was a fizzle.1 We didn't even lose power. You call that a storm? Look, unless there's a coal tanker on your beach, it wasn't a storm. [poll=1] Er, except for the people south of Sydney. I expect they will disagree with me. But for my local purposes… yeah, a fizzle. [↩]

alone is the last place i want to be

Lo, the sequel has begun. Not fantastic progress — turns out the words, they are not willing — but it's a start. You know what this means? Oh yes, the public thrashing as I flail and grope for plot has also begun. You are all very, very lucky. I tried to outline in advance, and […]


Out and about today, and I came across this framed photo for sale. (Excuse the crappy mobile-phoneness of the photo, not to mention the reflections in the shopfront window.) That's right, the grounded Pasha Bulker, gone though she may be, is now art. For the paltry sum of … er, whatever they're asking, I didn't […]