cherry crow children

again the week vanishes out from under me

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the good Squawk has graduated away from Duplo and on to "little Lego" or "big girl Lego", as she calls it. Or, as I call it, the proper stuff. I mean, Duplo is surprisingly versatile for its size, and I'm sure you've all seen my attempts at robots and towers and dinosaur cars over the […]


cherry crow children giveaway

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I'm not entirely sure how I missed the news (I blame the recent haze of plague infecting my household), but I have only today realised that Cherry Crow Children is listed as a Goodreads giveaway! There are three copies available, and the giveaway is open until 7 August: so go forth and enter, and let […]


we interrupt this silence for a brief message

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I read somewhere once that it was terribly poor form to start a blog post with an apology for the silence. Now, whenever I feel I've let one too many days slip by without blogging, I'm paralysed for how to start, since apparently I can't start with an apology. On such quibbling social anxieties my […]