i swear to you, there are no big words in this book

Today I come bearing gifts: an excerpt of Shadow Queen! Thanks to Allen & Unwin, if you want to try before you buy, without all the inconvenience of trudging into a brick and mortar store, now you can read the first chapter online, or download it for reading later. (Those of you who download will […]

ebooks and excerpts, oh my

FIRST You do all realise there will be random and intermittent Mongolia stories for some time to come, right? Never fear, they won't be your typical I did such and such, saw such and such, and am now cramming seven gazillion photos and details into one drawn out day type posts, mainly because I'll bore […]

those bloodthirsty birds are go

It's official: today saw the launch of Cherry Crow Children. I had Squawk with me during the launch, because of course I did. She may not have been around when I wrote and submitted "The Wages of Honey", but I fell pregnant with her while I was trying to write the three stories I'd promised […]