you're going where…?

The deathmarch continues unabated. I have now abandoned all pretence of understanding the rules of grammar or syntax, the meaning of any given word in the english language, and indeed appropriate times to laugh or talk. Apparently you shouldn't indulge either impulse while you're alone. Who knew? Pshaw, I say. Friends and family are beginning […]

two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

State of the Beta Draft: still not done. (Orcs Words slaughtered: Thousands of the buggers. Literally. But they're growing back again!) State of the Author: ugh. Did I write any of this novel the first time around? I ask only for information. Here, have a dragon instead. I can't remember his actual name any more, […]

it's not my fault!

State of the Beta Draft: the dog Stephen Moffat ate my homework. So, okay, the beta draft is STILL not done. I have swapped panicked moaning for cheerful lunacy and singing like a seagull. It's so much more fun for all involved. There's an astonishing array of seagull moods available: there's panicked seagull, introspective seagull, […]

and to top it off, it's cicada season

I'm nose-deep in the final stretch of the current round of edits1 on Pledged, and it's a good thing that my A&U sent me my author's copies of Shdadow Queen because I kid you not, I can't remember the story. Oh, I know the gist, but the details, the details are killing me. I have […]

this is the bit where the brain starts to splinter

I keep losing days. Today is Monday, apparently, but I'm pretty sure yesterday was Saturday. This means I'm either going insane, becoming ever more inattentive, Sunday was totally and utterly exactly the same as Saturday and thus they blurred into the one day in my memory… or Sunday just vanished out the calendar. I'm betting […]

why is there no fire? why aren't there the makings of one?

On Saturday I decided I had No More Time. So while the pterosaur did his diligent best to look after Squawk and ensure she didn't try to feed tooooo often, I sat myself down in front of the laptop and deathmarched the cherry crow children story. I sat down at 10am. There were breaks (Squawk […]

in which tim tams make a surprise appearance

What I planned to spend the last two months doing was talking about Cherry Crow Children in some form or fashion, mostly in the form of guest-blogging. What I actually ended up doing, after receiving a notice to vacate because the landlord had decided to sell, was obsessively checking real estate sites in an attempt […]