Today I saw the following sign at the train station: Try the new 14 Day RailPass. It's like the 7 Day RailPass, but lasts twice as long. No shit, Sherlock. I examined the other commuters, wondering if they were as idiotic as the advertising implied. Surely they did not need such a simple concept explained […]

just a small town girl

The copyedit (no, really this time) has landed. Oof. Not having had a novel published before, I have no scale against which to gauge the copyeditor's report, but let's just say that when my editor kept repeating the copyeditor had been "very thorough", she wasn't lying. If there's a continuity issue or inconsistency my copyeditor […]

the mind is full of razors

83 and a bit pages down, 329 and a bit pages to go. The mathematically-inclined among you will note I am already behind on my 50-a-day metric, but I'm not too worried (yet), as I'm pretty sure I can catch up. That's the plan for tomorrow, actually: finish catching up. I'm not at the dayjob […]

take this sinking boat and point it home

Successfully caught up, and am now ahead of target by 14 pages. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I am sluggish due to oxygen deprivation today, what with fighting off a lurgy. I have taken to drinking Benadryl by the tablespoon, not that it helps much. Today I learnt that I have been spelling […]

where's your dunkirk spirit?

The copyedits slog on, and the further I wade in, the more notes I leave myself of the "yeah, come back and fix this, definitely" nature. This is the part of the process where I start to despair because I seem to be making more notes to self than I'm fixing. The mindset is entirely […]

i've just examined my life and found it wanting

The Pope, the evening news tells me, loved the koala. This is not particularly surprising — everybody loves the koalas. I have finished the small stuff on the copyedits, and have only the big-fix pass to go. This, of course, is the slower and more frustrating pass, as it forces me to dig ever deeper […]

is it the apocalypse yet…?

Right, yes, hello…where were we? There is a stack of paper 400+ pages thick sitting beside me, otherwise known as the copyedited manuscript, which I am tentatively calling done. Barring acts of random deities, genius ideas at two am, a plague of mice ravenous for a meal entirely of paper, or what-have-you, this stack of […]

just your typical glamorous day, really

All week I was promised: 20°C on Saturday. And now Saturday is here, and I'm sitting on the couch wearing my fingerless gloves and wrapped in a throw rug, because it is very clearly NOT 20°C. No doubt when I leave the house this afternoon, the wind will sweep itself and all the clouds away […]

the atlantic is not a damn girl

Let it be known that live music is good for the soul. Now, I'll grant you that seeing Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Tex Perkins in the space of two nights, one of said nights being a school night no less, may have been more than my bio-rhythms were prepared to cope with, and I […]

blown away yet?

Various text messages from my family this morning, asking if I'd been swept off the face of the earth by the Melbourne winds yet. (I'm guessing there was something on the national news last night?) For all those who are curious: I'm fine. Although I do have to admit that on walking out the front […]