actually, it kinda fits

Spoke with my mother today and asked her why she didn't give me a hippie name.1 She said if she had given me a hippie name, it would have been Mudpuddle. 😐 Guess I got off lightly, all things considered. "Why didn't you call me … ?" is a favourite game of mine. I don't […]

oh. those books

"What kind of books?" the receptionist asks. "You mentioned that you write novels. What kind?" "Fantasy," I say, "and some science fiction." Her face falls flat. "Oh. I don't read those kinds of books." I'm used to this response — it's not an uncommon one. So I shrug, and smile, and say nothing. "Having said […]

call me back when the war is over, call me back when your boyfriend's gone

State of the push-ups: Week one, day two, and I can now hold the form properly. Can't actually move far while holding the form and thus, for now and until I build up my arm strength, my push-ups are quite shallow. I suspect I shall have to repeat week one. But! progress. Although sneezing now […]

we know the start, we know the end

Me, reading aloud the name of the article: The five greatest things ever accomplished while high… Nurse: I sat in the lotus position while stoned once… Me: you realise I have to blog that "achievement", don't you?

my family. i get my insanity from somewhere, after all.

Some years ago, my brother (who does 3D imaging and computer modelling, among other things) was applying for a job, and needed some samples of his work on the web for potential employers to view, so I set up a subdomain off my website for him to use. Yesterday, in cleaning out my hard drive, […]

phrases heard in my house over christmas

"Has Apple bought the bloody Greek pantheon now?" (Me) "I'm only hanging out with you so your girlfriend thinks you're a child person. You owe me." (From an 8yo) "Meow likes ball!" (No prizes for guessing that one was Spawn. She used to call the cats by their name, but would always get them mixed […]

geography. perhaps it should be part of the syllabus again?

To properly celebrate the move south, I spent Easter…back home. One of the perks of this arrangement was spending some time with Spawn, who can't quite tell my two younger brothers apart. "This are Ben," she told me as I pointed out one younger brother (not Ben, in actual fact). I pointed out the real […]

stop living so fast already

Question of the Week: But don't you want to get married? have kids? settle down?1 Yes, that's right, settle down. Because it's just party central over here in Debville. I don't know what gave it away. Perhaps it was the fact that, when a work colleague asks about my weekend, my answer is inevitably, "Oh, […]

what's there to decide? and what's there to say?

Yesterday at the dayjob, sitting through a seminar on government programs to support innovation, and the presenter comes out with this: "In this job, I've learnt that everyone in Australia has either written a novel, or invented something." — and every head in the room swivelled my way, my dayjob colleagues laughing, the presenter following […]

apropos of musing

» Of The Fish Balls I said: Watch out! They're kinda plasmic! She said: They're really hot.   » Of The Sitcom I said: It's just totally pedestrian. At best. She said: It's really bad.   I thought: I use big words.