free books!

My author copies of Shadow Queen have arrived, so that means … it's time for a giveaway. If you would like your very own signed copy of Shadow Queen for free, gratis and nada, leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered into the draw. There'll be one copy of the book available […]

but wasn't it meant to be a competition?

And the winners are…all of you! That's right. Because I couldn't face the thought of some of you missing out,1 I went to A&U and said, "Um… could I possibly have more than 2 books for the giveaway?" And, because I am signed with the absolute best publishers out there, they agreed to let me […]

spawn has a kiwi accent

There's a possibility I might emerge, if not unscathed, at least relatively intact, from the operating-system-switch. Excel proved very traumatic, as the Mac version tries valiantly but in vain to open the files I created in Windows. I use Excel all the time to track manuscript changes, revisions, word/page counts per scene, character placement and […]

just in time for christmas (hopefully)

Today I have most excellent news for people what like free books: I have some to give away! I found some spare copies of Shadow Queen I didn't know I had,1 and now they must be sent to good homes. Since we all know what happened last time I tried to choose random winners,2 in […]

free book news

The giveaway is ended, and Goodreads has sent me an email telling me the names of the lucky people who'll be welcoming a stray book onto their shelves: Cristina Hernandez, Melanie Honeycombe, Jess Diec, and Donna Pullen Congratulations! Goodreads have sent me your postal addresses, so I'll have the books in the mail as soon […]

we interrupt this silence for a brief message

I read somewhere once that it was terribly poor form to start a blog post with an apology for the silence. Now, whenever I feel I've let one too many days slip by without blogging, I'm paralysed for how to start, since apparently I can't start with an apology. On such quibbling social anxieties my […]