if you're looking for an unmarked place…

Well, there's a week I am more than glad to leave in my wake. Coffins should be longer than 60cm. Much, much longer. Also, inquests may provide closure, but only in a world where perfect closure is possible, which this is not. Here's to next week being more fun to live through. To round the […]

i already have a plan — i'm waiting for my real life to begin

First, a kjitten update — Max and Hakuna are six months old now. Can you tell they're brothers? "Little" Max is now 4kg, and I think it's the densest 4kg I've ever owned. Today's word-rep would be about the sparring crows. Did you know men in black tunics practicing their swordplay (or whatever weapon I […]

the sad and sorry tale of the satchel-hunt

The cat is currently tearing around the house in an attempt to communicate just how hungry he really is. Tearing around involves lots of wild cornering, tearing up tufts of carpet if the corner is carpeted, sliding waaaaay out of control and banging into walls if the floor is lino or tiles, jumping on top […]

if you're looking for content, this ain't it

There is a cupboard where we keep all the cat toys. (There are a lot of cat toys. Mostly they are feathers and scraps of wool and ping pong balls. Some are more elaborate, like the weasel that came on the "weasel on a (motorised) ball" toy – the cats hate the ball, but the […]

i relent, i repent, the kitteh is supreme

This is Max. He's hungry. Don't be fooled by the apparent lassitude. He's a ninja. Any attempt to approach the kitchen must be done in company of Max. Any attempt to use the chopping board and knives invariably produces the heavy-lidded gaze and tail-twitching behaviour designed to induce teeny birdies to come down and play… […]

it had to be done

If you noticed a brief silence on the blog, well done you, you're officially attentive. I spent the weekend in Adelaide, where I mostly distressed my grandparents with my (I quote) boundless energy (clearly, they haven't met Spawn) and distressed their cat with my strange and boisterous behaviour. He's used to much quieter, slower games, […]

Cool Change Ani

Last weekend, we packed ourselves into the car and trundled off down to Geelong to pick up the newest member of our family: She's a brown Burmese who hasn't finished darkening to her true colour yet, is home with us early at 10 weeks old because she grew up quicker than expected, and has settled […]

this writer's cat

Something a little different today: (far past) time I introduced you to the cat, since cats are what the internet was made for, even if we didn't know it at the time. Ani (short for Aniseed) came to live with us in January 2014. I knew the moment we got her in the car home […]

cat meets pens

View this post on Instagram This is Aniseed. This is why I can't have nice things. #bulletjournal #catsofinstagram #burmesecat A post shared by Deborah Kalin (@debkalin) on Oct 3, 2015 at 12:49pm PDT