We have a houseguest: a mother and baby brushtail possum have set up camp on our balcony. It's not a particularly safe spot she's chosen: she's tucked behind some chipboard which covers a corner made by the joining of two external walls, so it's dark and it's cosy and it's out of the way and […]

today i wrote yesterday's words. only different.

So it looks like the possum is not sick or injured. She's just decided the corner is a neato place and thanks very much. She seems to wander away for food and whatnot during the night and just wants to spend the days sleeping there. H'm. Better there than trying to get into the roofspace, […]

houseguests no more

So the possum which wasn't sick? Is now missing. Which wouldn't be a problem except that her baby is not missing: he spent yesterday tucked up tight in their makeshift nest, curled up and pretending to be nothing more than a knot of leaves on the balcony, hoping against hope that the big frightening people […]