where were you when we took calais?

As of Sunday night, the abysmal draft is done, or at least abandoned. From here on in, it's revision all the way, and an attempt to construct a viable beta draft. Finishing the abysmal draft always leaves me malcontent and cranky, so I spent most of Monday stamping around and scowling. My head is full […]

'tis the season…

…to be absent from the blog. Sorry about that. I've had my head buried in fixing the plot, and that always leaves me silent. I have finished the read-through and, as I suspected, I left out half the story. (Okay, maybe not half, as such. I do like to exaggerate.) Inserting the missing half while […]

one, two, three and I'm safe

Bitch Ask, and ye shall receive. The clouds haven't cleared, but it's stopped raining. Briefly, anyway. The cicadas are taking advantage of the break to shriek at each other throughout the valley, and the bloodsuckers are having a field day. I am most definitely not stepping foot out of doors without shoes, because all this […]

hold onto nothing as fast as you can

Notes I left myself from the first draft: Note to self: when Character A has a voice permanently encamped in the back of their head, it is not necessary to say "Character B said in the back of my head" every. single. time. Quit it already. Eep! I thought I was 20,000 words from the […]

the stars look very different today…

The words, they are slow today. This is partly due to hitting a part of the manuscript which needs persnickety changes, and mostly to do with my attitude, which can best be described as restless. Or, more precisely:

those who can count, and those who can't

Somewhere along the way, I forgot how to count. This is largely a problem because revising 4,000 words a day between now and Feb 14 will not, no matter what my spreadsheet tells me, result in an extra 60,000 words revised by Feb 14. Looks like the novel won't be finished in a week, as […]

still i push my barrow all the day

I'm supposed to be writing. Right this very moment, me and the words, we should be in the groove. We are not. My head will not shut up today, and I'm finding focus a little hard to come by. There are changes afoot at the dayjob, and unrest there and among friends and family, and […]

precision. it's important.

It can be difficult to find a blog post topic when drowning in revisions. For example, the highlight of my recent days (so far as writing goes) is discovering that my character apparently, allegedly, according to what I wrote in the first draft, recovered his posie. 😕 I'm guessing I meant poise, because soldier-types aren't […]

write first

Note to self: Write first. Make the time. You know this already.

irrational = me

Blogging may get sparse in the next week or so, as the revision deathmarch loometh. I just want to be done with this draft, so I can inflict it on my tortured faithful beta readers and just ignore it, for a little while. My head, she is running dry. I have lost all ability to […]