name that book! (please?)

Yesterday I was cursing myself and calling myself all kinds of stupid for not writing down the ending. Today I found the slips of paper on which I'd written down the ending. I'd only gone and slipped them inside my on-the-go notebook, so I could work on the novel at any convenient time, hadn't I. […]

where were you when we took calais?

As of Sunday night, the abysmal draft is done, or at least abandoned. From here on in, it's revision all the way, and an attempt to construct a viable beta draft. Finishing the abysmal draft always leaves me malcontent and cranky, so I spent most of Monday stamping around and scowling. My head is full […]

we now return you to your scheduled programming

Right. Hi there. This is me, marginally returned from the brink of lunacy. At least, the incidence of seagull songs seems to be decreasing, steadily if not swiftly. 1 I have mailed the manuscript to my agent and my beta readers, and threatened them with Nasty Things if they so much as think of returning […]

dreams of ice and wings

The copyedit is dead done, long live the copyedit! At this point I'm honestly not sure I could tell the difference between my novel, and 300 pages of the letter k. Luckily I have an editor who can tell the difference, and is not rendered loopy by the editing process the way I am. Today…today […]

is it the apocalypse yet…?

Right, yes, hello…where were we? There is a stack of paper 400+ pages thick sitting beside me, otherwise known as the copyedited manuscript, which I am tentatively calling done. Barring acts of random deities, genius ideas at two am, a plague of mice ravenous for a meal entirely of paper, or what-have-you, this stack of […]

you know that second book you promised…?

Aaaaannnnd… Or at least, close enough to call it book. I still need to go through and check my chapter lengths, because I have a feeling (er, I know) they got dangerously out of control in the second half of the book, what with all the revisioning. I have a nasty habit of not bothering […]

this writing is a funny thing, really

The week six clarion story what desperately needs a title is finished. Well, except for the title. This is an immense relief, and I can only anticipate this relief extending into bliss when I find a title I like. (Or even a title at all.) So far I'm looking for quotes, because I think this […]


And… book. I think, anyway. The problem is though, I ended with the climax. No denouement, no catharsis. Now the book is really half of a story, in that there's a sequel (this time I was clever enough to stop at a more commercial length 😉 ), so it's normal for not everything to be […]

it's alive!

You guys, I've done it: I've finished the thorn girls short story. And by short I mean 9,156 / 10,750 words (depending on whether you count by human rules or printer's rule), so, um, yeah, not exactly short. In fact, it's what I affectionately like to call one of those unsellable lengths between a short […]