my predictive library refuses to remember deb

The Alien Onion reports on a new trend wherein "book" evolves into meaning "cool", which I am linking both because I find the evolution of the english language a fascinating process, and because my publishers really do rock. Lately, my brain appears to be fixating on txtspeak and lolspeak. For example,┬áthe dinner discussion last night […]

you know what your decision is, which is not to decide

The problem with drinking while working is that it can quickly turn into just plain drinking, and from there it's a short stumble to "work? what? yes, of course, definitely pour me another." Er…oops. To keep things language-focussed, I did start a new game of awarding "vocabulary points" to those who used neglected or difficult […]

surreal, but 100% true

Yesterday, I'm driving home, and the mobile rings. Being responsible, I pulled over to the side of the road before attempting to answer it, by which time the phone had stopped ringing. And while I'm busy with the phone, the passenger door opens, and I look up to see a little old lady clambering into […]

nose to the grindstone

Pledged is duly rechapterised, and I'm celebrating by … starting another project straight away. Yeah, it's not particularly smart, there's this little thing called downtime which I hear is really effective in guarding against burnout… but this project (untitled, like all my new projects, which makes blogging about them tricksome at best) is a short […]

this is the part where i start making no sense during a conversation

A productive day on the short story today; I finally, after days of false starts, feel like I'm getting somewhere. (Did I mention I think outlining in advance is much more efficient? I did, didn't I? Although, to be fair to my poor beleaguered brain, this story is not entirely without (my kind of) outline. […]

the view from the tram

There's an old man I see on the trams, every couple of weeks or so, has the look of decay about him. Emaciated, with wisps of papery hair clinging to the back of his grey-skinned scalp, ears grown too large for his frame, and eyes sinking into their sockets. The flesh of his eye sockets […]

i can see my future, and there are edits in it

Today I have exceedingly good news: I have sold a story to ASIM. Tentative publication date is April 2010. For those playing along at home, I wrote the first draft of this story in January 2005, during my stint at Clarion. (Actually, since it was my week one story, I probably started it, in some […]

next time i'm near a pet store…

Lookit: Know what's cooler than Wolverine? A newt! The Spanish ribbed newt responds to threats by thrusting out its rib bones, which then get coated with toxic skin secretions. The newt is actually rotating its ribs forward until their spear-sharp points pierce through warts in the animal's skin. Damnit, now I want me a newt. […]

but i guess they do that here, i dunno

The lovely Mek posted this yesterday, and I can't help but post it myself for those of you who read my journal but not hers, because I love me a bit of whimsy, and this sort of stuff makes me laugh out loud: In other news, I appear to have started yet another novel. Yes, […]

impatience for the new excludes … the new

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a new song I instinctively liked, which turned out to be by … Let's call this artist Hot New Thang.1 But after a couple more listens, I just started to feel cheated and, eventually, resentful. The reason is simple: HNT's song has a very distinctive sound to it. […]