writers neuroses, eleventy-bajillion and one:

When your advance cheque arrives, you do not cash it immediately — in case your publisher contacts you with the news that it's all been a dreadful mistake, and the cheque's been cancelled. After some small eternity, you muster the courage to deposit the cheque — but you open a separate account and dare not […]

a random assortment

» The name Mudpuddle has now been adopted by immediate and extended family. » I will be in Melbourne this coming weekend. Melbourne! Me! There will be attending of Rufus Wainwright concerts and a trip to the zoo. Anyone down that way wishing to catch up with me (which will be from late Saturday afternoon […]

there may still be some gaps in transmission…

New passport, iPod battery backup pack, jabs for typhoid and tetanus booster (ouch, ouch), spare memory card for the camera… all check. This travelling business is expensive, and it ain't just the airfares. It's like a month-long shopping fest beforehand, and I can't tell you how much I hate shopping. So far I've managed most […]

everybody panic celebrate!

It's been a whirlwind couple of days. There was the visit to a dermatologist about a suspicious freckle: I'm scheduled for a biopsy on my return1, and probably surgery to remove said freckle when the biopsy results come back. If the concept weren't so terrifying, the freckle in question would be quite cute: it's a […]

oh. those books

"What kind of books?" the receptionist asks. "You mentioned that you write novels. What kind?" "Fantasy," I say, "and some science fiction." Her face falls flat. "Oh. I don't read those kinds of books." I'm used to this response — it's not an uncommon one. So I shrug, and smile, and say nothing. "Having said […]

from here on out it gets tricky

This week saw me in Sydney for my consult with the surgeon who will be removing the freckle. He will be doing a flap repair procedure which will, when the bandages are removed and the skin has knitted, result in a Z-shaped scar. Yes, that's right: I am going to look like I tangled with […]

digging a hole and the walls are caving in

My hairdresser has a Facebook page. I don't know why this amuses me, since I'm in the minority in considering it an evil website, but nevertheless amuse me it does. After my visit to said hairdresser, I now have trimmed locks and therefore stand an improved chance of not looking entirely shabby for my publicity […]

you can be the mystery that i am over trying to solve

The copy-edited manuscript did not arrive today, because apparently Australia Post do not believe in standing by their promises, so instead I have the first slab via email. This means I have a scan of a photocopy of the edits, so some of the comments are a little too pale to see … and it's […]

today i am homesick for travelling

A trip to Sydney yesterday (six hours round travel time for, I kid you not, about five minutes with the surgeon) saw the dressing removed and the stitches removed. I am now the proud bearer of a pink backward-Z-shaped scar across my left cheek and temple. It's a good three inches long and frames my […]

more doctor? more?

Spawn sat through the entire episode of Doctor Who last night (well, she did once she'd finally settled the beanbag to her satisfaction, a twenty-minute process which involved a great deal of manoeuvring and at one point landed her with her back to the television and a puzzled expression on her face) and, when the […]