i had one job…

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I had one goal for September (which, in my defence, I set with only 5 days of the month remaining), and that was to have an outline of the next novel. Usually I write manuscripts on the fly; I have a beginning, two or three turning or high points, maybe some other beats which need […]

beware the jubjub bird

a working mum's week

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Last week — because I've been down on myself for how little time I scrape together for writing — I decided to track where my time went. I didn't drill down deeply into anything, because an overview is all I wanted. And it's not something I'll be doing every week, because the law of diminishing […]

cherry crow children

january! get back here!

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Wrestling With Demons, by Luke Chueh

Whenever I finish working on a manuscript, I give myself free reign to abandon all discipline and consume instead of create. Books, TV, films, magazines, art, museum exhibitions, live comedy, music, podcasts … any and every creative outpouring from someone else's brain that even remotely takes my interest. And of course spending extra time with […]

first they came

so much for regular blogging

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So how dull do deadlines make my blog, huh? The answer is, apparently, very. The past month has seen me squirrelling every spare minute into writing a commissioned short (which I intended to be a touch on the melancholy side of light-hearted, but which actually turned out to be … angry). The pace I set […]


creativity is an addiction

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A golden outfit made from spider silk has gone on display at London's Victoria and Albert Museum: The four-metre-long hand-woven textile, a natural vivid gold colour, was made from the silk of more than one million female golden orb spiders collected in the highlands of Madagascar by 80 people over five years. I remember hearing […]