i sometimes think too much but say nothing at all

I am a happy little writer today because look what Tess sent me: Not only is the book face-out, at eye-level, on an end-piece…but that's some damn awesome company she's1 in there. Now, if you'll excuse me, the incomparably boppy "Eye of the Tiger" has just flipped into rotation, and I am to…well, write. But […]

tell the rambler, the gambler, the back-biter

I have been the slightest bit remiss, of late, in my authorly duties. Or rather in broadcasting to you all just how my authorly duties have been carrying on while I wasn't watching. (Damn things require careful supervision, or they start nesting in the corners. You know how it is.) So! First up, a little […]

it's alive!

Today delivered a lovely reminder that hey, there was this thing I used to have time for, called writing… My contributor copies of Cemetery Dance #71 arrived! And the internal artwork for my story, "Teratogen", is awesome: As soon as I put Squawk to bed tonight, I couldn't help but sit down and re-read my […]

those bloodthirsty birds are go

It's official: today saw the launch of Cherry Crow Children. I had Squawk with me during the launch, because of course I did. She may not have been around when I wrote and submitted "The Wages of Honey", but I fell pregnant with her while I was trying to write the three stories I'd promised […]