2014 aurealis award shortlist, featuring … me!

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…AKA well, would you look at that… Turns out "Teratogen" earned itself a spot on the Aurealis Awards shortlist for 2014, in the category of Best Fantasy Short Story! It's an amazing shortlist, and I'm chuffed beyond measure to have written something people consider worth mentioning in the same breath as any one of the […]

books spotted in the wild

it's alive!

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Today delivered a lovely reminder that hey, there was this thing I used to have time for, called writing… My contributor copies of Cemetery Dance #71 arrived! And the internal artwork for my story, "Teratogen", is awesome: As soon as I put Squawk to bed tonight, I couldn't help but sit down and re-read my […]


somewhat belated

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I'm not entirely sure how it is I forgot to update you all on this one, but I suspect everything I ate (and, er, drank) over the holidays pickled my brain to such an extent that it is only now recovering cognitive function. Anyway, while I was determinedly avoiding the internets, Cemetery Dance decided they […]