so much for regular blogging

So how dull do deadlines make my blog, huh? The answer is, apparently, very. The past month has seen me squirrelling every spare minute into writing a commissioned short (which I intended to be a touch on the melancholy side of light-hearted, but which actually turned out to be … angry). The pace I set […]

New Interview: Galactic Chat

Hola! I am lifting my head from the morass of editing this one story I never want to see again1 and drafting this other story I don't want to have to write2 to tell those who find such things interesting that there's a new interview of me up online. This one is a little different, […]

Let me 'splain — No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

Back in June, I guest-posted over at David McDonald's blog, on the topic of silence: It’s something I’ve heard at almost every point of wanting and trying to build a writing career: you have to be active on the internet. …But it comes at a cost. There’s the inevitable time pressure, yes, but then there’s […]


ASIM 55, which features my short story "First They Came…", is apparently now in the wild, in a variety of formats. Talk about squeaking in a 2012 publication date, eh? It's a (not quite so) little story which turned out to be both longer and angrier than I anticipated, featuring Melbourne (specifically some of my […]

Quietly, Gently, Quietly

The last week has been somewhat of the hard-slog variety, for a variety of baby-related reasons. Or rather, for a variety of baby-modified reasons. Heat waves aren't fun at the best of times, especially when you don't have air conditioning (and our place doesn't even have access to the cooling southerly breezes) — but when […]


Squawk woke me at 5am this morning (needing moral support to make it through a fart — we both survived physically unscathed, despite her fears to the contrary), and as I always do I checked my phone. My phone is my brain these days. I can't tell if she's really hungry or just fussing unless […]

The Facade Doesn't Fit, by Luke Chueh

bad mother, no biscuit

So here's something obvious if only I'd stopped to think about it: an overnight trip with a 4 month old is a bit brutal. This weekend, Squawk, the pterosaur and I tripped up to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards. We went partly because "First They Came…" was shortlisted, and mostly because I wanted to be […]


Through a combination of not checking my email for a couple of days and scrolling through twitter at just the right moment, this morning brought me the news that "First They Came…" has snuck itself on to not one but two year's best recommended reading lists — Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012 Recommended […]