The dayjob and the freelance work conspired on me, handing me a 16.5 hour workday which left me sorely in need of movement to unlock all the muscles in my back and neck that had seized up from all that typing. Not to mention sleep. In truly spectacular fashion, I fell into bed at 6:30pm […]

you paralysed my mind and for that you suck

I've been neglecting the blog badly of late, and it's not because I found the meaning of life while stuffing envelopes. It's been partly the frenzy of getting ready to go overseas, partly the frenzy of working what seems like every day at the dayjob, and partly the fact that I haven't been writing. It's […]

the burning lake

If you peer into the burning lake, you may be able to see the pinnacle of the drowned temple, which is what you see the tour guide and driver doing here: I can't put my finger on precisely why, but I absolutely love this picture. Spent today attempting to knock out something approaching an outline […]

why are you singing?

Oy vey. Whose grand idea was it to start back in on the wordcount the same day I started back at the dayjob?

pterodactyls are the least of my confusion

Home for a week and a half now and at last I'm feeling, sorta kinda, touch wood, that maybe, just maybe, the daily routines and errands are back under some semblance of control. Although I did catch myself reading my stars this morning, which is a sure sign that I'm pining, and hoping the world […]

I'll tell you all of the things that you'll never forget

Children. They are, in point of fact, germ manufacturing and distribution facilities. Spawn and Brutus were up on the weekend and, lo and behold, I am lurgified. This circumstance would be more acceptable if it had occurred on a working day, instead of my days off. On the other hand, my germ-addled mind did produce […]

some days the bear wins

The words, they are hiding. So far in tonight's stint, I have managed to get my protagonist through the front door. And I'm pretty sure I'll end up cutting those words. Oy vey.

there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza

It's been a hectic few days weeks months, to say the least. I could sum up, but there is too much and, in the paradoxical way of these things, too little to bother. Cryptic, I know, but it is born of weariness. The other night, being deprived of internet, I tallied up my work hours […]

oh call my name. you know my name.

I hafta say, the number of people who oppose or fear or distrust the toe sock is a little worrying to me. If I owned more than the single pair of toe socks, I would wear them every day for weeks and months on end, and treat you all to photographs every day, in the […]

2 February 2007

New Words: 793 / 900 (Away) Revised Words: 819 / 930 (Dead Queen) I did not start a new novel today. Nuh-uh. I would not do that before I'd finished revising the last one. *angelic look* In other news, there is a nerve which runs through the inside of my elbow. This is not groundbreaking […]