irrational = me

Blogging may get sparse in the next week or so, as the revision deathmarch loometh. I just want to be done with this draft, so I can inflict it on my tortured faithful beta readers and just ignore it, for a little while. My head, she is running dry. I have lost all ability to […]

ha! i scoff at your fears!

No wondrous stories of Bangkok to soothe my rattled and overwrought nerves? Well, I will gladly settle for a lack of terrifying stories. Accordingly, in a frenzy of post-procrastination last-minute panic, I have booked myself a holiday. In a smidge less than six weeks, I will be tripping the light fantastic to Bhutan. This of […]

you're going where…?

The deathmarch continues unabated. I have now abandoned all pretence of understanding the rules of grammar or syntax, the meaning of any given word in the english language, and indeed appropriate times to laugh or talk. Apparently you shouldn't indulge either impulse while you're alone. Who knew? Pshaw, I say. Friends and family are beginning […]

there may still be some gaps in transmission…

New passport, iPod battery backup pack, jabs for typhoid and tetanus booster (ouch, ouch), spare memory card for the camera… all check. This travelling business is expensive, and it ain't just the airfares. It's like a month-long shopping fest beforehand, and I can't tell you how much I hate shopping. So far I've managed most […]

I suggest a reading of a Lesson in Tightropes

Womble feels there has been too much spawn- and max-centric photography on this blog of late. Also, my mobile phone cannot spell chocolate. This, I feel, is a grievous omission. Countdown to Bhutan: 16 sleeps!


The dayjob and the freelance work conspired on me, handing me a 16.5 hour workday which left me sorely in need of movement to unlock all the muscles in my back and neck that had seized up from all that typing. Not to mention sleep. In truly spectacular fashion, I fell into bed at 6:30pm […]

i've had some time to think about you

Dear Writers of East Of Everything: Loved your work on SeaChange, and enjoyed the first episode of EoE. Truly. However. Did you have to pick Bhutan? Because, you see, I'm going there NEXT WEEK. Now, I've remained relatively calm as the Tibetan crisis escalates, even though the protests are now in every single country surrounding […]

i'm going to bhutan!

The last of my travel documents arrived today, making it all official: I'm going to Bhutan. The intricacies of visiting Bhutan mean I will be on a group tour, but I've found out this morning there will only be five of us on the group, which is perfect. Also perfect is that I won't be […]

you paralysed my mind and for that you suck

I've been neglecting the blog badly of late, and it's not because I found the meaning of life while stuffing envelopes. It's been partly the frenzy of getting ready to go overseas, partly the frenzy of working what seems like every day at the dayjob, and partly the fact that I haven't been writing. It's […]

everybody panic celebrate!

It's been a whirlwind couple of days. There was the visit to a dermatologist about a suspicious freckle: I'm scheduled for a biopsy on my return1, and probably surgery to remove said freckle when the biopsy results come back. If the concept weren't so terrifying, the freckle in question would be quite cute: it's a […]