beware the jubjub bird

a working mum's week

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Last week — because I've been down on myself for how little time I scrape together for writing — I decided to track where my time went. I didn't drill down deeply into anything, because an overview is all I wanted. And it's not something I'll be doing every week, because the law of diminishing […]


all told, she's a considerate fallen god

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Squawk sings — constantly, about whatever she last overheard, or whatever stray thought passes through her head, or who knows where she gets her inspiration. I don't. This morning… this morning I overheard her crooning a dirge to Ani about hairballs.

and the mome raths outgrabe

i hate it when she cries

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The Queen Is Dead, by Luke Chueh

Don't check on her for ten minutes. Listen to her — is she crying up? Or down? Even if she's crying up, leave her for at least five minutes, all babies need five minutes of crying to get themselves to sleep. Except those that don't. All babies learn to fall asleep by themselves between 3-6 […]