because certainty is a false prize

Last weekend I took a leap of faith. It's been eating at me all week long, and I've only just realised that the reason I'm edgy, and angry, and wanting to lash out, is because I've been feeling vulnerable and stupid. There was something I was waiting to do — waiting for the right time, […]

The Queen Is Dead, by Luke Chueh

i hate it when she cries

Don't check on her for ten minutes. Listen to her — is she crying up? Or down? Even if she's crying up, leave her for at least five minutes, all babies need five minutes of crying to get themselves to sleep. Except those that don't. All babies learn to fall asleep by themselves between 3-6 […]

those bloodthirsty birds are go

It's official: today saw the launch of Cherry Crow Children. I had Squawk with me during the launch, because of course I did. She may not have been around when I wrote and submitted "The Wages of Honey", but I fell pregnant with her while I was trying to write the three stories I'd promised […]

wherein our author finds inefficiency more efficient after all

Over the past few years, I've had a troubled relationship with my notebook. It's the double-handling. Writing by hand necessarily entails typing it all up; and I never have enough time to keep up with it; and it seems inefficient. So I've been chasing my tail, trying to set up computer-based systems to replace my […]

on clawing my way back towards my words

I opened up my website this morning to blog about Varuna, and in my drafts folder I discovered a blog post about the process of trying to apply, not quite a whole year ago. So today I'm going to post that, and I'll update you on my actual experience at Varuna a little later. I'm […]