today, i am waiting.

I am none too good at waiting. Patience, thy name is not Deb. I have ordered a new bed and mattress, but does the phone ring to tell me the new bed and mattress (and the good night's sleep I need) is ready? No. The phone is stubbornly silent. The phone, in fact, is taunting […]

make it stop

I think I've found something even less fun than writing a synopsis, writing a query letter, pulling toenails out, worming a recalcitrant cat, fending off a funnel web with nothing but a christmas card1, … well, you name it. Electrical interference between the doohickey and the whatsimabob2 is causing a high-pitched continuous whine that is […]

conversations with medicare

BRANCH: With this item number, you need a specimen collection point number. ME: Head Office have told me you can override that with a miscellaneous code. BRANCH (noises of shock and amazement): No. Oh, no. That's not possible. *gives up, rings Head Office* ME: Hello, this is Lab X, I need to know our specimen […]

how not to spend your weekend

Today I stuffed and addressed 500 envelopes. Tomorrow I have at least another 500 to go. My hands hurt. It's meditative work, though. Perhaps if I stuff enough envelopes, I will find the meaning of life.

everyone loves a baby puppy

One of my colleagues at the dayjob picked up her new baby on Friday night, and yesterday she brought said new baby in to work to show her off. Meet Lily, a (just) six-week-old Yorkshire Terrier: For reference, the curve of that tiny little spine, from nape to coccyx, barely fills my palm. I don't […]

why'd you sing hallelujah, if it means nothing to ya?

Before now, I've never really worked in a job that was high-public-contact. Before now, I didn't really know what a fake smile felt like. I've always been one of those "if you don't feel it, you don't smile" types. Which is not to say I was surly and unsmiling, quite the contrary. Just that jobs […]

a random assortment

Still no car. (I am now officially impatient.) (It has however finally arrived in town. I am picking it up, Tequila willing, tomorrow.) Still no Doctor Who. (All you northern hemispherical types already watching it? Yeah. Not helping.) I am self-medicating with episodes of Firefly and past episodes of Doctor Who, but it's not helping […]

just when you're comfortable, life smacks you in the ear

The other morning I made the happy discovery that my iPod plugs directly into my new car. Dude! I was happy, back when I bought my second car, that it had a tape player. (My first car had only a radio station — an AM-only radio station, at that.) This is so much better. Then […]

embracing uncertainty

Yesterday, I gave notice to my dayjob. Farewell to the baby mines for me! In four weeks, I shall be walking out of their doors, never to return. No more semen samples, no more discussions with patients about the consistency of their menstrual flow, no more explaining the convoluted process of the Medicare Safety Net […]