one midnight gone!

The weeks flick-flick-flick by, and I need to journal, somewhere, somehow, even if only in fragments, even if only sporadically and devastatingly incompletely, what's been occupying my attention. Like as not, it will mostly be stories or music that caught at my thoughts, but we'll see, I suppose. This past few months, I've been reading […]

again the week vanishes out from under me

the good Squawk has graduated away from Duplo and on to "little Lego" or "big girl Lego", as she calls it. Or, as I call it, the proper stuff. I mean, Duplo is surprisingly versatile for its size, and I'm sure you've all seen my attempts at robots and towers and dinosaur cars over the […]

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a working mum's week

Last week — because I've been down on myself for how little time I scrape together for writing — I decided to track where my time went. I didn't drill down deeply into anything, because an overview is all I wanted. And it's not something I'll be doing every week, because the law of diminishing […]

on clawing my way back towards my words

I opened up my website this morning to blog about Varuna, and in my drafts folder I discovered a blog post about the process of trying to apply, not quite a whole year ago. So today I'm going to post that, and I'll update you on my actual experience at Varuna a little later. I'm […]