and then i got authorsplained

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A quick note (while the evening is still young enough to leave me cogent) to say that I've been working, of late, on digitising a couple of stories from my backlist, since I have a handful of the critters which don't seem to fit any of the reprint markets and I don't see the value […]


photos just don't do it justice

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I find there are two things I keep saying about Mongolia. First, that I frustratingly couldn't fit the country into my camera, and second, that its extremes of weather, and the swiftness with which one extreme followed the other, gave me climate whiplash. I started off in UB, which to my delight was unseasonably warm […]


there are consequences

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I could tell you that I have amazing friends, one of whom staged a stealth pickup at the airport yesterday, and didn't flinch from hugging me even though I hadn't showered since May. I could tell you that Mongolia is Big Sky Country. Or that I am currently sporting the darkest tan I have achieved […]