and the mome raths outgrabe

made for stompin' and stridin'

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I noticed my walk the other day. It used to be a no-nonsense, purposeful stride — but sometime over the past (how many?) years, it's degenerated. I could attribute some of it to motherhood: walking with an infant, and now a toddler, is hardly an exercise in speed. And there's been the social isolation of […]

away come away

oh, the glamour

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It's a long weekend in my part of the world, which means I'm tucked up at home eyeballing the novel. My plan is, if I can lull it into a false sense of security by doing inconsequential errands around it, it won't notice when I start working on it, ever so gently, ever so slowly. […]

it's all about the whimsy

self-esteem extremes

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Last night, I had occasion to search through my archived emails, and in doing so I discovered a story of my day which I related at the time to cheer up a friend. It was an offhand account, but it's also nevertheless word for word a true account, and I share it with you now […]


apropos of musing

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» Of The Fish Balls I said: Watch out! They're kinda plasmic! She said: They're really hot.   » Of The Sitcom I said: It's just totally pedestrian. At best. She said: It's really bad.   I thought: I use big words.