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Reactions to the rats have been mixed

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After being the only parents at the childbirth education class to have absolutely nothing prepared for the oncoming baggage (everyone else had, I quote, everything prepared), I've spent the past two weeks buying shit. Mostly because I have now reached the point where, on meeting me, strangers involuntarily cry out in shock, or alternatively eye […]


wait, who let september happen?

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Yesterday, I kited myself off to the suburbs for a photography outing. The set-up was simple: a friend needed guinea pigs for his portraiture assignment, and a whole slew of dirt-poor and socially terrified authors could do with having an up to date publicity mugshot if the offer was on the table. As I was […]


creativity is an addiction

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A golden outfit made from spider silk has gone on display at London's Victoria and Albert Museum: The four-metre-long hand-woven textile, a natural vivid gold colour, was made from the silk of more than one million female golden orb spiders collected in the highlands of Madagascar by 80 people over five years. I remember hearing […]

it's all about the whimsy

self-esteem extremes

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Last night, I had occasion to search through my archived emails, and in doing so I discovered a story of my day which I related at the time to cheer up a friend. It was an offhand account, but it's also nevertheless word for word a true account, and I share it with you now […]