bad writer. no biscuit.

In all the excitement over agents and snakes, it occurs to me I never did let you all out of your misery. That's right: the bed has arrived, frame and mattress and linen1. Lookit! Yes, there are actual, honest to god, flowers on the new linen. Any day now they're going to issue me with […]

ground control to major tom…

It turns out that packing up all your belongings and, in the following days, unpacking them all right back where they came from, does not make for blogging (or bloggable) days. It does not make for particularly good writing days, either. I am a creature of habit and routine, and when my routine is askew […]

five three things make a post

I have had "Space Oddity" running through my head for days and days and days on end… Over the past couple of days, I've been able to muck around drawing maps and (this is the ultra-cool part) call it "work". Writing. Best job evah. Apart from the constant neuroses, that is. I am sitting at […]

sshh, don't tell anyone…

<_< >_> I took another day off. Oh, the depravity! The delicious pleasure of reading someone else's words, instead of endlessly poring over my own! It is, in fact, dizzyingly good.

let me 'splain. no, there is too much: let me sum up.

Yes, this is quite possibly the most boring photo ever taken. It does, however, have the signal honour of being the first photo I took with the new digital camera. Whee! Also, it's the prize from my Christmas cracker. The little pieces and board are in fact magnetic, and the board is small enough to […]

are they leather-bound pounds?

Over the break, I received a "close, but no. Send more?" rejection which is possibly the next best thing to an acceptance. (Writers really is nuts, aren't they? I've never met another breed of people who glory more in the nuances of rejectomancy.) So, spirits high, I booted up the computer to find what other […]

subtle salvation in poems and prose

Digital photography. I think it's beginning to grow on me. I've never been big on taking photos. (We're talking about someone who spent six months in Europe and didn't actually change the 24-exposure film in her camera, after all.) Partly it's the film mentality of composing shots carefully so as not to waste film; partly […]

it's raining, it's pouring

Ah, summer…! How I've missed your cloudless skies, your warm dry sunshine, your beach-going days… Australia. The lucky rainy country. Except where it's not. That enormous mass of green on the eastern coast? It's very wet. Also, the summer sun is still actually present, above the mass of clouds, which is making everything muggy, and […]

actually, it kinda fits

Spoke with my mother today and asked her why she didn't give me a hippie name.1 She said if she had given me a hippie name, it would have been Mudpuddle. 😐 Guess I got off lightly, all things considered. "Why didn't you call me … ?" is a favourite game of mine. I don't […]

a random assortment

» The name Mudpuddle has now been adopted by immediate and extended family. » I will be in Melbourne this coming weekend. Melbourne! Me! There will be attending of Rufus Wainwright concerts and a trip to the zoo. Anyone down that way wishing to catch up with me (which will be from late Saturday afternoon […]