impatience for the new excludes … the new

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a new song I instinctively liked, which turned out to be by … Let's call this artist Hot New Thang.1 But after a couple more listens, I just started to feel cheated and, eventually, resentful. The reason is simple: HNT's song has a very distinctive sound to it. […]

introversion is not a disease

I'm an introvert.1 These days, thanks to tests like the Myers-Briggs, extroversion vs introversion is seen as a sliding scale rather than an either/or scenario. Which I mention only so you know that, in calling myself an introvert, I don't mean I'm a little bit I-wards of the centre, or leaning more I than E. […]

the face of an introvert

Apparently my blog comes up in the top rankings for Google queries about introversion being a disease. This is, of course, care of my rant introversion is not a disease. People are often surprised to hear me claim I'm introverted. I imagine I'm not alone among introverts in this, because introverts and introversion are not […]