starship dimensions

Because if there's one thing you absolutely must know, it's What's the scale?

impulsive? me?

Disappeared off the face of the internets for a while there, didn't I? Mostly this was because my car, my faithful little car Tequila, started giving me troubles. Now Tequila, besides being a bright and shiny green, is 21 years old1 — so trouble isn't exactly out of the ordinary. She has her quirks: like […]

not our fault?

Reuters reports that we didn't kill the mammoths: Radiocarbon dating of 600 bones of bison, moose and humans that survived the mass extinction and remains of the mammoth and wild horse which did not suggests humans were not responsible. Link via the archaeoblog.


You know, I could stare at photos like this intermediate polar binary system for hours. On end.


The Antikythera Mechanism has inscriptions: a joint British-Greek research team has found a hidden ancient Greek inscription on the device, which it thinks could unlock the mystery. The team believes the Antikythera Mechanism may be the world's oldest computer, used by the Greeks to predict the motion of the planets. Article includes a picture of […]

it never rains but it pours

The signing sheets for Postscripts #18 have come and gone on their merry way and I can say this with certainty: I have no signature. Truly, every single one of those sheets is unique. I am currently sitting in my car, which is at the moment a very expensive sculpture, on account of the battery […]

i see dead people

Yesterday saw the great box explosion of 2009. Although I've repeatedly been told that I don't have much stuff, I remain convinced otherwise. I'm sick of it all. As far as I'm concerned, we cannot get computer chips into my brain fast enough. I'm not unpacked entirely, but I have my bed set up, and […]

i could be doing something productive with my time, you say?

I've been spending a fair bit of time on public transport recently,1 and this of course means I've had a fair bit of time to think. And I think I've figured out the answer. The solution to traffic congestion, and global warming, does not lie in public transport and clean fuels. Oh no. it lies […]